Sunday, October 5, 2008

Field Trip

Last Wednesday we headed to Greer to the Butler Canyon Nature Trail.  It is about a mile loop through the forest.  The trail has numbered markers with a pamphlet that discusses each stop.  We saw squirrel middens (squirrel grocery stores), cat faces, witches brooms, and and mistletoe.  The children had a list of things to look for such as:
a needle
a cone
signs that humans had been there
signs that animals had been there
signs that the seasons are changing
a seed
an insect

About half way through the walk we stopped for a snack and some exploration time. After we finished the walk we went to Squirrel Springs for a picnic lunch.  We had a beautiful fall day. . .much better than last spring when we did the walk in the snow. We were so lucky. 

As you look at the pictures you might have your child tell you about the things they are seeing, i.e. witches brooms, mistletoe, etc.  I think they did learn a lot and we had a great day in the outdoors.

Thanks to the parents who went to chaperone!!!  We always need volunteers. You are such a great help.

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evedesigner said...

Hi Mrs. Sass I had a great time on this field trip great pics. I love the slide show.