Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Week 33

Our story this week is a selection called "The New Bed" from a book called "Poppleton Everyday". It is a fiction story that shows the humor used in many fiction selections. The phonics lesson for the week is to review the long sound of /u/. Long u is the sound you find in either cute or tube. This weeks vocabulary is:

Math is still fractions and number grid puzzles. We have very little left in our math book so we are doing lots of review.

There are a few children who are very close to earning an AR shirt. I hope they stick with their schedule to do it.

You an tell that spring is in the air (even though it is usually hidden by clouds, cold, and wind). We seem to not be working as much and manners and following directions are taking a back seat. I am hoping this is just a small bump in the very short road we have left. I am hoping to take them to the park the last week of school. This will depend on the behavior of the class. We had a visit about it yesterday. They will have to earn the privilege of going.

Remember that this Friday is also an early release.

Thursday is AR lunch day. Please wear your shirt and have lunch in the room.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week 32

Our story for this week is "The Puddle". This fiction story has a mix of realistic and make-believe parts. The sound for the week is that -ge and -dge both make the /j/ sound. The vocabulary is:

Math this week will be spent on fractions. We will be dividing whole parts into fractions, and comparing fractions.

We had a great trip to the Forest Service building to see the mural. The weather wasn't the greatest but the walk was short so no one was too uncomfortable. If you haven't seen the mural you really should stop by to see it. Mr. Aldrich isn't finished yet so it is a work in progress. He was there when we went, so we got a personal tour. . .especially if we couldn't find something. Many thanks to Geri Carthel, Eva Emord, David Padilla, and Mary Shellhorn for accompanying us. Special thanks to Kim Phillips for providing the snack we had before we headed home. I have pictures and will get them up soon.

Remember that Friday is an Early Release Day.

Have a great week!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 31

Our story this week is a non fiction piece called "How to Be a Nature Detective." The phonics sound to review is long o. The new vocabulary words are:

Math will continue to be puzzles using the number grid, and reviewing time, money, and math facts.

Hopefully I can work out a walking trip to the new Forest Service to see the mural. It has all kinds of animals hidden in it so it would be a good way to practice being a "nature detective".

Remember that Thursday is AR day. If you have an AR shirt, you must wear it to be allowed to eat in the room. If yours is lost, you can purchase another one for $9.00. Please see me to do that.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 30

Our story this week is a non-fiction story called "Fishing Bears". It is an informational piece about the Alaskan Brown Bear. The phonics lesson this week is reviewing the long sound of i, especially in words like kind and wild. The vocabulary is short this week, only three words. They are:

Math will be a lot of activities that deal with the number grid. We will locate numbers, fill in number puzzles, and continue to take timed tests on math facts. Hopefully, this will help get facts to 10 to automaticity.

Thursday is AR Day. If you don't have on your shirt, you will not be able to eat in the room. Others must pass 3 tests per week to be invited to lunch.

Remember it is a short week. There is no school on Friday since we did not use a snow day. Enjoy your long weekend.