Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 30

Our story this week is a non-fiction story called "Fishing Bears". It is an informational piece about the Alaskan Brown Bear. The phonics lesson this week is reviewing the long sound of i, especially in words like kind and wild. The vocabulary is short this week, only three words. They are:

Math will be a lot of activities that deal with the number grid. We will locate numbers, fill in number puzzles, and continue to take timed tests on math facts. Hopefully, this will help get facts to 10 to automaticity.

Thursday is AR Day. If you don't have on your shirt, you will not be able to eat in the room. Others must pass 3 tests per week to be invited to lunch.

Remember it is a short week. There is no school on Friday since we did not use a snow day. Enjoy your long weekend.

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