Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week 32

Our story for this week is "The Puddle". This fiction story has a mix of realistic and make-believe parts. The sound for the week is that -ge and -dge both make the /j/ sound. The vocabulary is:

Math this week will be spent on fractions. We will be dividing whole parts into fractions, and comparing fractions.

We had a great trip to the Forest Service building to see the mural. The weather wasn't the greatest but the walk was short so no one was too uncomfortable. If you haven't seen the mural you really should stop by to see it. Mr. Aldrich isn't finished yet so it is a work in progress. He was there when we went, so we got a personal tour. . .especially if we couldn't find something. Many thanks to Geri Carthel, Eva Emord, David Padilla, and Mary Shellhorn for accompanying us. Special thanks to Kim Phillips for providing the snack we had before we headed home. I have pictures and will get them up soon.

Remember that Friday is an Early Release Day.

Have a great week!!

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