Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 22

This week's story is a non fiction one called "At Home Around the World." The phonics emphasis will be on y making the long e sound as at the end of the word bunny. We will also review ar and ur. The vocabulary words are:

Questions of the Week:
Monday - It is School Nurse Day. List some ways she helps us.
Tuesday - It is Ground Hog's Day. Did he see his shadow? What does that mean?
Wednesday - Tell me 5 words that end with y making the long e sound.
Thursday - Use the word different in a sentence.
Friday - It is Chocolate Month. What is your favorite thing made of chocolate?

Hopefully we will finish our first math book this week. All of the snow days and late start days have taken us a bit off schedule. We will be doing math facts and the in and out machine. I will put an example of it at the end of this note. The kids will have to figure out the rule. It is not an easy concept.

Spelling is going really well. Most everyone is caught up to where they should be. I kind of expect them to all be on at least list 13. Your child should know what list he/she is on.

We will have our valentine party on Feb. 12. We will do it at 12:15 so we will have plenty of clean up time. Please have your child address the cards. It is a part of the work they should be able to do. Here is the class list:

Carsen Corbyn Baylee MacKade Jordan
Cesar Hannah Taylor Shaymon Jackson
Abby Daycee Kaden Jacob Garrett
Briana Mollie Gavin Savannah Demitre

Thanks for all you do to help me and to help your child. I appreciate all of it.
Have a great week!!!

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