Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 30

Our story this week is a non-fiction story called "Fishing Bears." It is an informational piece about the Alaskan Brown Bear. The phonics lesson is reviewing the long sound of i, especially in words like kind and wild. The vocabulary is short, only three words. They are:

In math we will finish up the geometry section, dealing with three dimensional shapes and start a new unit which seems to be a review. I see mostly time and money coming for the rest of the week. It does ask the kids to make change this week. That is difficult for many.

Thursday is AR Day. Please wear your shirt on that day if you have earned one. Those who haven't earned a shirt must pass 3 tests in the previous week to be able to eat in the room. Last week EVERYONE had done that so the whole class ate in the room. It was great. Everyone seems to be excited about AR. The kids have passed over 1000 tests so far this year. The difference this is making in reading fluency is amazing. Some of my average readers have become great readers. It is so exciting to see the change and the confidence it is giving those children.

I think this will be our first normal week of school since Christmas. . .imagine 5 whole days of school!!! We really do need it.

I am sending permission slips for the walk to the Forest Service this week. Please watch for them.

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