Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 14

We are starting a new reading book this week. It is called "Here and There." The difficulty of the reading level will increase in this book. The stories will become much longer and the vocabulary more difficult.

The first story is "I Am a Butterfly." This isn't a great time to study butterflies. We will do some activities now but will save most of them until Spring when I order butterfly larvae to watch grow and hatch.

The sound the week is /ch/ made by the letters ch and tch. The new vocabulary is:

Questions of the Week
Monday - It is Children's Book Week. What are two of your favorite books?
Tuesday - List 5 words with the ch sound.
Wednesday - List 5 words that rhyme with hatch.
Thursday - It is Child Safety Month. What can you do to stay safe?
Friday - It is Homemade Bread Day. What is your favorite kind of bread?

We are starting Rocket Math this week. We will be taking timed tests on math facts each day. We will also be finishing up the unit on measurement.

Remember the Thanksgiving Feast on Nov. 23. So far I have received very few notes and no money. I will need to shop next weekend so please take care of this. It is $3 per person attending. We will be making our costumes for the feast this week.

Remember that Friday is an Early Release Day for the kids. We will be doing professional development that afternoon. I know that some of you don't send your kids on ER days because it is so short. We do go on with the curriculum so your child is missing valuable instruction on those days.

Have a great week!!!

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