Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 24

This week's story is a fiction story called "Tell Me a Story." It is about a little girl who likes to listen to her Abuelita (grandma) tell her stories of times gone by. The phonics sound is long i as in the word time. The new vocabulary is:

Questions of the Week
Monday - What does your favorite valentine say?
Tuesday - The first public school was established, 1865. What is the name of our school?
Wednesday - List 5 words where the c sounds like/s/.
Thursday - The US Weather Bureau started in 1870. Write about today's weather.
Friday - List 5 words with the long i sound.

Math is going well. We are in the second book. It has fewer lessons than the first one so we will have plenty of time to finish. This week will center on fact families.

Congratulations to Caden for earning his AR shirt. We just keep doing better. The kids are really getting the hang of it and I am already seeing reading improve. This is a good thing.

I have the crud!!! I will not be there tomorrow since I still have a fever today. I hope the kids have a good party. Thanks to all you moms who have stepped up to help me out. I am taking this day by day. I feel better today than yesterday so maybe this won't be a long term thing.

Have a good week.

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