Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 31

Our story this week is a non-fiction piece called "Fishing Bears." It is an informational story about the Alaskan Brown Bear. The phonics lesson is reviewing the long sound of i, especially in words like kind and wild. The vocabulary list is short, only three words. They are:

Questions of the Week:
Monday - It is Wildlife Week. Tell me 5 animals you might see in the forest.
Tuesday - Tell me 5 things that live in trees.
Wednesday - Tell me 5 things that live in the lake.
Thursday - Tell me 5 things that live in the ocean.
Friday - Tell me 5 things that live in the jungle.

In math we will doing lots of new things. We will be learning about hundreds, tens, and ones in place value, telling number stories, making change, and starting a section on fractions. Making change is probably the most difficult part.

Spelling is coming along. Most students are making adequate progress.

AR still is exciting in the room. Watching these kids become readers is so exciting. I can honestly say that every child in this room can read fairly comfortably in the reading book we are in. We are still working toward meeting the May goal of 40 WPM in fluency on unseen text. Please keep encouraging your child to reach the next AR goal. I would love it if everyone earned a shirt!!!

Hopefully on Thursday, April 21, we will walk to the Forest Service to see the mural and look for all the animals in it. Our story next week is "How to Be a Nature Detective" so we will go there to see how good we are. The woman I have to schedule with was out of town at training last week, so I should know by Monday afternoon. I had hoped to go on Wed, the 20th but I can't because Jodi Goodsell will be coming for three Wednesday afternoons to teach us about good nutrition.

If you would like to walk with us please let me know. We will go at about 12:15 and should be back by 2:00. WATCH FOR THE PERMISSION SLIP THAT YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN AND RETURN.

Didn't the kids do a great job at the program on Friday. Have a great week!!!

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