Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 2

We are entering our second full week of school. We are working on establishing routines and quiet work habits. I am still trying to assess all the children and get them into reading material at their level. I know that "Sam and the Bag" is not challenging for some students. We will be moving into more appropriate reading material this week. The first two reading books are pretty phonetic and pretty easy. The reading difficulty takes a big jump in book 3. Be prepared!

We are still reviewing the 23 sight words from kindergarten and focusing on short a.

This week our new vocabulary words are:

The spelling words for the week are:

In math we will be reviewing the number to 20. The teen numbers seem to be the hardest. I have already seen several children confusing 12 and 20 and 13 and 30. Please take a look at your child's work when it comes home. You may see some problems that you can help remediate.

The air conditioning is on. If your child complains of being cold, please send an old sweatshirt or sweater that they can leave at school. They can keep it in their cubbie and get it when they need to.

If you have not returned your Blog Permission form please do. I really can't post any pictures until I have it. I have some pretty cute ones of Hat Day that I would love to share.

Thanks for keeping up in the SMART Books. Hopefully we are getting better at getting them and their reading material home after school. Routines take a while to learn. We work on those everyday. But once we learn them things will b much freer in the classroom.

Studies show that children that spend more than 2 hours engaged in video media, are 50% more likely to have attention difficulties.

Have a great week!

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