Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 23

This week's story is a fiction story called "Tell Me a Story."  It is about a little girl who likes to listen to her Abuelita (grandma) tell her stories of times gone by.  The new vocabulary is:

Math continues to be shapes, time, and money.  I have been using recess time after PE to do interventions in math.  Right now we are working on counting money.  I have chosen not to introduce the quarter until most of the kids can count dimes, pennies, and nickels.  We have plenty of time so I am not hurrying.  We will go back later and do all the money pages.  

I gave away 2 more AR shirts this week.  Lauren Storms and Kaden Padilla both earned shirts.  I will get pictures posted soon.

Spelling is progressing better.  I am not sending practice sheets anymore.  The budget crunch has hit.  We are not spending any more money so hopefully you have paper, a chalkboard, a whiteboard, whatever, that your child can practice on.  You will be asked to send more school supplies as needed this year and probably next.  Be sure to watch for the back to school sales next summer.  

The legislature is asking for a $133 million budget cut this year and about $1 billion next year.  We are certainly going to feel the difference in what we have at school. Who knows how this will all wash out.  We are all really looking at better use of our supplies.  The kids love to paint but we are about out of colors so that will have to end.  

Remember the Valentine Party will be Friday afternoon.  It will have to be at 1:30 because of PE.  If the weather is nasty and they cancel PE, I will do it earlier, then we have time for clean up.  Be prepared for a switch in times depending on the weather. If you are sending something for the party, please send it early so we can adjust party time to our flexible schedule.  

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