Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week 35

It is hard to believe that we are at the last story in our reading series. It is an informational fiction piece called "Baboon." Parts of this story are made up but parts give information about different African animals. The phonics skill is /oo/ making the sound it does in the word cool. The new vocabulary is:

We continue to review in math. We will also continue doing timed tests. We are really winding down toward the end of the year.

We will be having a water party one afternoon this week, hopefully. Our grounds man has been gone so we haven't been able to talk to him about a good day for him to turn the sprinklers on in the back field.

We will be walking to Ramsey Park, on May 19th. I will need parents to walk with us. I may need more than normal because I don't know if the doctor will give me permission to walk that far yet. We will walk back to the dome at the end of our play day and catch a bus ride back to the school. I the wind is horrible like it was last year, we will NOT go. We do walk over the hill but the police will block it off so we will be safe in doing that. Please watch for permission slips.

I have started the website. It is really time consuming and I have hit a roadblock. Once I get help learning how to hyperlink, I will be on a roll again. I plan on working backwards so the kids will get the hardest things to practice first. The first thing I intend to get on is the vocabulary that has sound bytes with it. They can look at the word and hear it also. You will have to download special software to make it work. I will have a product code available for you to put in so you can get the software.

I also have some math activities that can go on the website. It will be a work in progress over the summer. You will just need to keep checking back to see what is new. I will also post on my blog when things have been added. That may be an easier way to check on things. I am not going to worry about spelling words and sight words right now. Those can be gotten from the blog. Maybe I'll even learn how to link the two together.

Happy next to the last week of school. Have a great week.

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