Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week 34

This week we are reading "Sleep Is for Everyone." It is a nonfiction story giving information about why sleep is important. and giving details and facts about sleep. The phonics skill is the short e sound made by the letters /ea/ as in the word head. The new vocabulary is:

We have reached the review chapter in math. Time and money remain the skills that need work. Most are comfortable with time on the hour and half hour. The quarter hour and 5 minute intervals are still a work in progress. Please use opportunities for your child to practice counting money over the summer break. They have gotten much better since I started paying them for homework, agenda sentence, etc. They can trade money at the bank but only if they can tell my how much they have and what coin they want to trade for.

I can't believe we are so near the end of the year. Time flies!!!

Have a good week.

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