Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 4

This week's story is a fantasy story called "Jack and Rick". It is about a bear and a rabbit who want to play together but are on opposite sides of the stream. By working together they solve their problem. We will be working on the digraph ck. The vocabulary for this week is:

Spelling words are:

In math we will be learning addition fact of 10. It will be taught by this method: If you have 3 pennies in your left hand, how many will be in your right hand? This is something you might practice a bit at home.
Questions for the week:
Monday - Holiday
Tuesday - It's football season. What is your favorite team?
Wednesday - It's Flags Across America Day. Where can you see flags?
Thursday - Tell me 5 words that rhyme with pick.
Friday - It is National Rice Month. How do you like rice?
If your child had a glue stick to start the year, chances are that it is already used up. If you have more you might send them or at least ask your child if they are out. I have some glue bottles that we use in the mean time.
Toys are being shared and loaned out and given away. Then the child changes his/her mind and wants it back. I am not entering that venue. Nor am I going to use valuable class time searching for lost toys. There is a risk when your child brings toys to school. Please help them understand that risk.
Agendas need to be in school every day. Please have your child answer the question on the lines allotted for the day. Sign in the yellow box if your child has read to you. Please change the date. I know these are last year's but it is all we have.
I don't know if I mentioned at Parent Night that I collect pop tabs and old cell phones to be donated to Ronald McDonald house. The phones are sold and the money used to provide Christmas dinner there.

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