Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 6

This week's story is "All That Corn". We will be learning the short o sound of the letter a as in ball. It is a non fiction story that traces corn from the farm field to your home.

Vocabulary words are:

Spelling words are:

Questions of the week: Answer these on the lines for that day in the agenda.
*Monday - Tell me 5 words that rhyme with ball.
*Tuesday - It is the first day of fall. List 5 words that describe fall.
*Wednesday - Use the word where in a sentence.
*Thursday - What color is your house? Does is have an upstairs?
*Friday - What did you do on your afternoon off?
Please answer in complete sentences. Remember to use capitals and periods.

Math will be spent entirely on money. We will get pennies and nickels. We will be learning to count mixtures of those coins. You might play with money a bit at home.

Remember we have two early releases this week. The buses will load at 11:30. We go to lunch at 10:50. It is a quick day. I will be available Wednesday afternoon for conferences if you wish to call. I will be doing my regular conferences at report card time in October.

We will be going to Greer to the Nature Trail for a field trip in October. I am asking each child to bring $1 to help with busing costs. I will pick up the rest. The kids will need a lunch, etc. that day. I will send more information as the time approaches.

I will also be pledging $25 for our class for Jump Rope for Heart. I will be sending a note with an envelop attached. If you could contribute $1 for this, it would be great.

Some are struggling with the first 25 sight words. You can find the list on the blog or in the green book I passed out at parent night. I am busy recording them so the kids can practice on the computer. I will also get this on the website for you to use at home.

Speaking of the website, have you been able to download the Smarttech software to make it work??? If you have problems let me know. Hopefully I can help you or at least find someone who can.

Have a great week.

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