Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 24

This week we are reading a science fictions story called "My Robot". It is by Eve Bunting. The phonics lesson is c sounding like s as in cent. The new vocabulary words are"

Questions of the Week:
Monday - holiday
Tuesday - What did you do over your long weekend?
Wednesday - The first bathtub was installed in the White House in 1851. How many bathtubs are in your house?
Thursday - It is Wilhelm Grimm's birthday. What is your favorite fairy tale?
Friday - Use the word 'always' in a sentence.

This week we will be doing fact triangles, looking at the subtraction table, and the centimeter in math. We will also continue to take timed tests. Hopefully this will help us build accuracy with math facts.

Congratulations to Corbyn for getting his AR shirt. He has really worked hard to get there. Many others are on his path. I hope to give out many more before school is out.

The Valentine Party was fun. I think everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to all who contributed. Those thanks extend especially to Irene Tilford who helped with it. I have lots of thanks to all the parents who come in to volunteer.

Have a great week!!!

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