Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 2

We are entering our second full week of school. We are working on establishing routines and quiet work habits. I am still trying to assess all the children and get them into reading material at their level. I know that "Sam and the Bag" is not challenging for some students. We will be moving into more appropriate reading material this week. The first two reading books are pretty phonetic and pretty easy. The reading difficulty takes a big jump in book 3. Be prepared!

We are still reviewing the 23 sight words from kindergarten and focusing on short a.

This week our new vocabulary words are:

The spelling words for the week are:

There seems to be lots of confusion about the agenda. Each night your child has a question to answer on that day's space on the left side of the agenda. On Monday night your child will answer Monday's question in Monday's space in the agenda. The questions will be posted on the blog each week. The address is After your child reads the assigned material to you please initial in the yellow box on the right side of the agenda. This allows your child to get credit for reading at home. If homework isn't done, your child will have to stay in to finish what wasn't done the night before.

Questions for the week:
Monday - Tell me 5 words that rhyme with cat.
Tuesday - Tell me 5 animals that live on the farm.
Wednesday - It is Travel Across America Day. Where would you like to go?
Thursday - What do you do after school?
Friday - Where do you live? Learn your address and phone number.

In math we will be learning a new game, exploring math materials, working with the calendar and thermometer, and telling simple number stories. We did tally marks last week. Most of the kids seemed to catch on very easily. You might ask your child to show you a number in tally marks. It will let you know if he/she understands. Sometimes the saying "four stand tall, one takes a fall" helps them understand the concept.

Remember that your phone will show an unavailable number when the school is trying to reach you. Please pick up because we may really need to get in touch with you because your child is sick or injured.

Studies show that children that spend more than 2 hours engaged in video media, are 50% more likely to have attention difficulties.

Have a great week!

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