Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week 3

This week we are reading a non fiction story called "Ants." The phonics focus sound this week is short i as in the word fin. The vocabulary words are:

Spelling words for this week are:

The questions for the week are:
Monday - What did you do over the weekend?
Tuesday - Tomorrow starts a new month. What one is it? How many days are in it?
Wednesday - What do you like to do on a rainy day?
Thursday - Name 5 things that are red.
Friday - It is National Honey Month. List 3 words that describe honey.

In math we are still practicing tally marks. We are also practicing writing numbers. We are doing to 50 by 1's and 5's and will start to 20 by 2's. We will go farther was we can handle these benchmarks. We will be doing some simple number stories using the number grid and complements of 10. These are the two numbers when added together make the sum of 10. You might see how well your child is doing in these areas.

In doing the screening on Friday, I found that only 3 students knew the color words and the vocabulary words from kindergarten and the 7 words we have had so far. We will be doing a lot more word work next week. My motto is "today is brought to you by what you didn't know yesterday." To see a list of the words your child should know, go to the Vocabulary link on this blog.

The agendas were much better this week. Thanks for getting the questions answered and signing for reading homework. Your participation at home is so important to your child's progress.

We seem to have a flu bug going around. There were 4 children sick on Friday. Watch for fevers and tummy upsets.

Remember there is no school on Labor Day. Have a great long weekend.

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