Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 8

Once again this post will have lots of information. Be sure to read all the way through.

The story for this week is "Boots for Beth." It is about a little pig who outgrows her boots. Her friends try to help her solve her problem. The sound this week is the voiced and unvoiced /th/. Vocabulary words are:

Spelling words are:

Questions of the week:
Monday - How is the weather changing?
Tuesday - It is Alaska Day. What might you see if you went there?
Wednesday - Tell me some things you saw on the field trip.
Thursday - It is Circus Day. Have you ever been to a circus?
Friday - It is Make a Difference Day. What can you do to make a difference?

In math we will continue counting pennies and nickels. The new concept this week will be time to the half hour. Any help you can give at home will be greatly appreciated. Your child should be able to count to 100 by 5's and 10's and to at least 20 by 2's. You might want to check this out at home.

Conferences are starting this week. I have received confirmations from most of you. If your time doesn't work, be sure to call me so we can reschedule. It is very important that we sit down for a visit at the end of this grading period.

The Fitness Coalition has provided exercise logs for your child. One child from our school will win the North Pole Experience that takes place in Greer. There will be tickets for 4. This is about a $300 prize. Be sure your child is logging their exercise time. There are also prizes for families, teams, etc.

Remember our field trip on Wednesday. Your child will need a lunch and good walking shoes. A jacket may also be necessary. I think the weather is supposed to cool off. If it is raining on Wednesday, we will reschedule for another time.

Friday is an early release for homecoming. We will release at 11:30. It is also black & gold day. Thursday is pajama day.

Most kids are doing better about getting homework done. Please initial in the yellow box when your child reads to you. If homework isn't done at home, we do it during afternoon recess.

Thanks for all you do. Have a great week.

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