Sunday, May 1, 2011


Our story this week is "Poppleton Everyday". The phonics focus this week is long oo sound made by u-e as in tune. The new vocabulary is:

Questions of the Week:
Monday - It is a new month. What one is it? How many days does it have?
Tuesday - Sunday was May Day. Did you give someone a May Basket?
Wednesday - Tell me 5 words with long u made by u-e.
Thursday - Tell me 5 words that describe an apple.
Friday - Tell me 3 other ways to make the number 6.

In math we will be solving number grid problems and working with fractions this week. Once we get the new concepts with fractions it will be pretty much review from here on out.

It is a busy week. We will be watching the High School Show Choir on Monday. On Thursday afternoon we will watch the kindergarten program.

Thanks to all you for supporting the carnival. Seems like everyone had a great time.

Have a great week.

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