Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 16

The story this week is "On the Way to the Pond." The phonics skill is the /er/ sound made by er, ir, ur. The new vocabulary words are:

This group of words is pretty hard because you have 5 words that start with the letter f.

In math we will be finishing up the concentrated work on addition skills. We will learn about doubles and doubles plus 1.

Congratulations to Jaelynn. She has earned the first AR shirt in the room. She has successfully passed 50 AR tests. Congratulations to Mollie, Skyler, Kimball, Tucker, and Torren. They have earned their AR zipper pulls for passing 25 tests and are in hot pursuit of a shirt. By the end of this week I am sure I will have given away some more shirts. We have started having AR lunch in the room on Thursday. If your child passes 3 tests per week they will be allowed to have lunch in the room. If your child has earned a shirt he/she needs to wear it every Thursday. It is his/her ticket to lunch in the room.

Spelling is coming along. Your child should be taking list 7 this week at the very least. If not, we will be doing some extra spelling work. . .probably at recess. I am going to spend some extra time working with those that are having trouble keeping up. Our computers have been terribly slow this last week. It has led to lots of frustrations for ALL of us in spelling and AR. Hope the hiccup there is gone by Monday.

We are entering the holiday season. The kids will be excited and the rest of us will be frazzled trying to get everything done. I hope we can keep the lid on and make this time productive. Thanks for all of your help both at home and in the room.

The book order has been placed. I will notify each of you when it arrives, in case you want to give it for Christmas.

Anyone have time to come play a game with the kids this week or listen to them read??? If so, give me a call or send me an email.

Have a great week.

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