Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 17

We will be taking a week off from the reading series. We will still be reading but we will be doing literature that fits the season. I love Christmas so we are going to enjoy it. We have worked hard so we are going to lean back and enjoy the time. We will be doing activities that are related to Christmas.

Congratulations to Mollie, Skyler, and Kimball. I gave away 3 more AR shirts this week. It seems that the spirit of reading is getting infectious. Several of these children chose to stay in during recess to read and take tests. I am so proud of them. Every Thursday is AR day. If you have passed 3 tests in the week from Thursday to Wednesday you can have lunch in the room. They like it and so do I. They are working hard and I love rewarding their efforts.

I did hear from the T-Shirt people. I think we are finally going to press. It seems to have been a much longer process than I had hoped. Sorry!!!

On Dec. 19, we will be doing a rotation of Christmas Around the World. The kids will go to all the teachers and learn about customs through out the world. It should be a fun day of activities.

We will have our Christmas Party on the morning of Dec. 20. I have cereal and milk covered. It might be fun to have some hot chocolate (I bought fun marshmallows), doughnuts, and whatever else you can think of for the party. Let me know your thoughts. I have a craft. . .emptying out the boxes for the last time. Since it is an early release day we will be out of school by 11:30.

Please remember if you wish to do the tax credit donation it needs to be done by Dec. 31. It is a great program and helps us tremendously.

Have a great week!!

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