Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 34

This week we are reading "Sleep is for Everyone." It is a nonfiction story giving information about why sleep is important, and giving facts and details about sleep. The phonics skill is the short e sound made by the letters /ea/ as in the word head. The New vocabulary is:
  • afternoon
  • bicycle
  • carry
  • hours
  • parents
In math we will be finishing up fractions and starting the last unit in the book.  It is 2 digit addition.  I will be sending home the rest of the book.  It has a section on looking forward to second grade.  The kids love to play school and this will be fun for them for the summer.

Speaking of summer, I am going to offer my summer reading challenge.  I will be sending a letter home.  If you are interested in your child participating, please sign it and return it.  Last year only one child finished the challenge.  I really want kids to read over the summer.  Research shows this is so helpful for remaining a great reader.

Friday is Dome Day.  I'd rather not deal with backpacks so please don't send them on Friday.  Remember they will need a lunch and comfortable clothing.  Please read the notes carefully. They give info on where you are to pick up your child if you normally do that.  FYI. . .The school packed hot lunches are usually not very exciting.  A lot of the fun of going on a trip like this is choosing what you take in your lunch.  YOUR CHILD MUST BE WEARING THEIR CLASS SHIRT!!  This makes it so easy for me or any supervising person to find my kids.  I could still use some more adult helpers if you are available.

Every Thursday that all the kids have on their AR shirt, there is no homework.  The same is true on Friday when they are wearing their Class Shirt.  Help your child make sure he/she is not the deal breaker!!

Friday, May 18, will be the last Monster Sandwich Day.  You will not need to send a lunch on that day.  

Next week the class shirt schedule will be tight.  They must have them on for the walk to the park and I would like them to wear them again for Monster Sandwich Day.
Sorry!!  Humor me one last time.

I am giving away a lot of STUFF at school.  I will be starting on books soon.  The kids think I am wonderful and I am sure you are not too pleased about all the STUFF coming home.  Once again humor me.  I hate throwing away stuff that makes them so happy.  Everyday they love looking in the give away tub.

Once again here is the schedule for the rest of the year:
  • May 9 - Early Release
  • May 10 - We are going to the HS for the Show Choir.  Pick up children will be returned to the school to be picked up as far as I know.  Watch for a note if things are different.
  • May 11 - Dome Day
  • May 16 - Walk to the park.  The kids will need a lunch and to wear their class shirt.  Makes for easy finding of them in a giant group.
  • May 18 - Monster Sandwich Day.  Class shirt requested.
  • May 23-24 - Early Release for packing and moving
  • May 25 - Last Day
Have a great week!

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