Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 33

Our story this week is "Poppleton Everyday". The phonics focus this week is long oo sound made by u-e as in tune. The new vocabulary is:
  • boy
  • bought
  • few
  • head
  • ready
In math we will be finishing up place value and starting fractions.  

Here is the calendar again.  Please note that some changes have been made.  Getting this move fine tuned is causing changes all the time.  I will try to keep you updated.
  • May 1 - Early Release
  • May 2-4 - DIBELS Testing
  • May 9 - Early Release
  • May 10 - Show Choir comes to us at 1:15. We may be going to the auditorium so the place is subject to change.
  • May 11 - Dome Day
  • May 16 - Walk to the park.  The kids will need a lunch and to wear their class shirt.  Makes for easy finding of them in a giant group.
  • May 23-24 - Early Release for packing and moving
  • May 25 - Last Day
Once again Thursday is AR day.  The shirt is mandatory on that day.  I'd love it if everyone would show up in their shirt so we could take a class picture. Plus if everyone wears their shirt, I cancel homework.  We are still waiting for that to happen.

Lets also wear class shirts every Friday until the end of the year.  Hopefully in 3 Fridays everyone will have it on for another class picture.  

Have a great week.

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