Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 32

The thought that we only have 5 weeks of school left is just amazing.  Where in the world did this year go???

Thanks to all of you that accompanied us on our field trip to the Forest Service.  It was a nice walk and I think the kids enjoyed finding the animals in the mural.

This week we will read "The Puddle". The story has a mix of realistic and make-believe parts. The sound for the is that -ge and -dge both make the /j/ sound. The vocabulary is:
  • angry
  • okay
  • nearly
  • sorry
We will start the unit on Place Value in math.  You might keep counting money at home.  The kids seems to be confusing nickels and quarters.  In this day and age there are so many kinds of coins with the new ones out that these coins can look several ways.  Also in the day of swiping my card, I find that I really don't know what money looks like.  

Several have asked.  The Spelling Goal for the year is List 25.  That is the minimum requirement.  I will let your child know what list he/she is on today.  I have some who are nowhere near that goal.

The move is a very time consuming process.  Even though I am retiring, I still have to leave an empty room.  I will try to leave the room intact for the kids until the last moment.  I will be working on the insides of cabinets and drawers for the most part.  That won't effect the kids much.  I will just get things emptied out and cleaned. 

THURSDAY IS AR DAY.  Everyone has one now!  Thanks to Mrs. Burk who helped us get there.  Please have your child in the shirt.  Several did not get to eat in the room last week because they did not have the shirt on.  I'd like to get a class picture with everyone in his/her AR shirt.

Let's wear class shirts on Friday.  Please have them ready for the week.

Remember that Friday is an Early Release and the School Carnival.  Come and enjoy the evening with the kids and our school family.  It is always a fun evening.  There will be lots of games, face painting, a haunted house (which many kids find really scary) and food (that is where I will be).  Come by and say hello.

Have a great week.

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