Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 21

This week we are reading a non fiction story called "Me on the Map."  The sound for this week is long a as in cape.  The vocabulary words are:

Math time will be spent on money and time.  These are two of our hardest concepts. We have started taking timed tests on math facts.  They are pretty easy right now. They have 2 minutes to do 42 problems.  As they pass, they move to the next level. Hopefully between this and the facts on the computer we will get these memorized to at least 10 this year.

PE started on Friday.  I think everyone enjoyed it.  The PE time backs up to afternoon recess.  I will be bringing some in during recess time for intervention work in small groups.  Since they have just been outside for PE, I don't think it will hurt them to miss recess.  We will work on skills that are a problem for them.

Spelling is still going pretty well.  Check with your child.  They are very aware of where they are and how they are doing.

Remember that Friday is an early release day.  

Check out the blog for the newest pictures and happenings.

Have a great week.

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