Monday, January 26, 2009


This has been a busy time in our class.  Since break lots has transpired.

I have given out two AR shirts.  Congratulations to Kade Eagar and Dariun Barreras.  I have several more that are getting close and working hard to get there.  Some even chose to give up recess to read and test.  We had our first AR lunch last Thursday.  Only those who had zipper pulls or shirts were invited.  This week any child that passes 3 tests in a week will be invited.  This should keep everyone working toward a goal.

The Town of Eagar gave out helmets to kids who were selected from a poster contest they sponsored.  We were lucky enough to have 4 winners: Bailee Phillips, Lauren Storms, Alissa Deel, and Tyler Wade.  

It was also the Hundredth Day of school.  The task they had was to count 100 M&M's into a baggie.  We then put the on a hundreds chart to see if we had too many, not enough or were just right.  After making sure everyone had EXACTLY 100, they graphed them by color.  This should also add up to 100.  Some did and some didn't. It was a fun activity and we loved eating the fruits of our labor.

Enjoy the show.

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