Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 7

There is lots of news in this post. Please read it carefully.

We have finished our first reading book. The new book is called "Catch a Dream." This week we are reading "Dan's Pet." It is a story about a little boy who gets a pet chick. the phonics focus this week is short e as in hen. The vocabulary words are:

Spelling words are:

Questions of the week?
Monday - It is the birthday of the White House. Who lives there? Where is it?
Tuesday - It is Family History Month. Tell me something you like to do with your family.
Wednesday - List as many vegetables as you can. How many did you think of?
Thursday - List as many fruits as you can. Which one is your favorite?
Friday - It is Elbows Off the Table Day. Tell me two more things that show good table manners.

The new concepts in math will be odd and even numbers and adding and subtracting on the number line. Counting combinations of coins using nickels and pennies was covered while I was gone. Many children are struggling with this. Please take a few minutes each night to put out a nickel and a few pennies to see if your child can count this money correctly. I will work on this at school also but the only time I have is during recess. That does not make many children happy!!!

We will be going on a field trip to Greer on October 6. Please watch for a permission slip. It will explain everything. Please read it carefully.

Wednesday night is "Reading Under the Stars." Please join us here from 6:00-7:00. You may want to bring a flashlight and a blanket to sit on.

Copy paper is a giant problem in this budget crunch. We are using lots of Composition books for activities which saves some but we are going to try to save more. Please have your child bring a composition book for spelling and word work. I asked for them at the beginning an then, I bought them, so many of you should have one still at home. Please have one at school by Friday. That is spelling test day.

Thank you for being patient with me during my absence. The wedding was beautiful!! It was so nice to be with family and friends.

The class has gotten very talkative. I am really cracking down on the noise. We have been moving names lots. Don't be totally surprised if your child has to call home or comes home to tell you they have spent time in 'time out'. In order to function productively we must learn to work quietly.

We will be starting the computer this week. We will be using the Math Facts in a Flash program, which is just taking timed test on math problems. We also have read the first story that has an AR test with it. Everyone will be taking that this week also. A few students are ready to start on AR independently. They will begin that this week also.

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