Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 18

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope 2011 is kind to everyone.

The resolution in our room is going to be to build reading fluency. The previous skills have been mastered very well. Now we need to build speed. We will be working on it daily. Your child will be expected to read 40 words per minute on unseen text with no picture clues by May to reach benchmark. Please remember that the new state law says that any third grader not reading on grade level by whatever standard they choose can and will be retained. I find that pretty frightening so we will really be working hard.

The story this week is "On the Way to the Pond." The phonics skill is the /er/ sound made by er, ir, ur. The new vocabulary words are:

This group of words is pretty hard because you have 5 words that start with the letter f.

Questions of the Week:
Monday - What was your favorite Christmas gift?
Tuesday - First roller skates, 1884. Is roller skating good exercise? Why?
Wednesday - It is Flower Day. What is your mom's favorite flower?
Thursday - Use the word full in a sentence.
Friday - Write 5 words with the /er/ sound.

In math we will continue with place value. Math facts are an emphasis. We will continue to work on getting them to automaticity.

Spelling is not going as well as I had hoped. Many are just not taking the time to get to the computer to test. We have practice time every morning as a part of our morning routine.

We will start having AR Day a week from Thursday. We will have lunch in the room if you have earned a zipper pull, a shirt, or have passed 3 tests in the previous week. If you have a shirt you need to wear it on Thursday. It is the ticket to lunch.

We did win a pizza lunch on Friday. Then they told me it would be ice cream. We will have pizza in the room as promised even if I have to buy it. The kids did well and deserve what they were promised. Do not plan on sending a lunch on Friday. We will have a pizza party in the room.

Thanks for all the help and support you give me and our class. Have a great week.

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