Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 22

Our story this week is "Me on the Map." It is a non-fiction story. The sound this week is long a as in cape. The new vocabulary words are:

Questions of the Week:
Monday - Tomorrow will start a new month. Which one is it? How many days in it? Any other special things about the month?
Tuesday - List 5 words that rhyme with lake.
Wednesday - Use the word special in a sentence.
Thursday - Use the word country in a sentence.
Friday - List 5 words with the long a sound.

Friday will be Monster Sandwich Day. Your child will not need a lunch that day. We earned the reward two weeks ago but because of Early Release and the fact that I have to notify the cafeteria a week in advance, we have to wait to have it. The kids seem to like it and they eat so much better.

Math kinda got put on the back burner this week as far as the math book is concerned. I found a new way for the kids to learn to count money. Let's see if I can explain it. A nickel gets one dot and a dime gets two. Then the children count by fives. It makes it so they don't have to count by 10's then count by 5's and then by 1's. When we get the quarter, it will get 5 dots and they will continue to count by 5's. When your child is developmentally ready to not use that method they will give it up. For now it makes it so much easier. Everyone caught on to it in about twenty minutes. WHAT AN EXCITING THING!!!

This week we will finally get to "What's My Rule?" and will begin a new math book. It starts with probability and turn around facts. We are studying the facts of 10 and taking timed tests on them daily.

Spelling is getting better. Most are catching up. This week your child needs to be on List 15. They have worked hard to get there.

Have a great week!!!

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