Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 19

We are continuing to work on reading fluency. The story for this week is called "Friends Forever." It is a non-fiction story. The phonics sound for the week is "le" as in the word middle. The new vocabulary words are:

Questions of the Week
Monday - What things let you know that winter is here?
Tuesday - What activities do you like to do in winter?
Wednesday - What is your favorite sport?
Thursday - Use the word 'together' in a sentence.
Friday - Write 3 words that have 'le' at the end.

In math, we will be working on greater than and less than and then moving into how much greater than or less than. We will continue to do timed tests to build automaticity in math facts.

I am pushing spelling. I am trying to get those that are behind caught up. I hope you will help your child practice the spelling lists at home. They are on the blog and also in the book I sent home with you.

I have changed our Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders games. I have put words on the cards to be used. They must read the sight or vocabulary word to be able to move. I am hoping this will help us practice those words that are so important to fluent reading. If any of you are interested in doing this at home, let me know. I have the word lists typed up and would be willing to print you a set of labels to put on the cards.

I am also having the kids spend more time on self selected reading. They are starting to work on AR. My goal is for them to become fluent readers and they will only do that by reading.

Have a good week.

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