Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 11

This week is another busy week. We will continue on in the reading series and there is an Early Release and the Halloween Party on Friday. There are still lots of things available to send. I forgot to bring the list home so I can't tell you exactly what. No one has signed up for veggies or white frosting. I do remember that and the red gummy life savers. I will take care of whatever can't be sent.

This week's story is a realistic fiction piece called "Try Your Best." The phonics sound is /or/ made by the letters or and ore. The vocabulary words are:

Sorry about the homework goof last week. I have no idea how I put the same stuff on both sides but I did manage to do that. HOLY COW!!! Then I threw the originals away and they were on my home computer. We will try again this week. Thanks to those of you that just rolled with the punches.

In math this week we will be learning to organize and use data. We will start with sorts and then move on to picture graphs and problem solve. It will be a fun time. We already do a lot of this so it should be easy for us to accomplish.

With reminders most of us remembered to take a spelling test this week. It will be easier when we get into the habit. Those are new routines I have to build.

Have a great week!!!

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