Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 22

This week's story is a non fiction one called "At Home Around the World." The phonics emphasis will be on y making the long e sound as at the end of the word bunny. We will also review the long vowel sounds we have had so far. The reading level of this story is much higher than the one we had last week. The vocabulary words are:

We will continue with number patterns this week.  We will be doing skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's and looking at the patterns they make on the hundreds chart.  We will continue timed tests to practice automaticity of the number facts. 

Spelling continues to be a struggle.  This is such a bright group of kids that I'm puzzled by the slowness.  Your child should pass List 14 by the end of next week.  We will continue to work on it.  

AR is going beautifully.  More and more kids are getting the bug and starting to read.  The difference it makes in fluency is amazing.  I am watching halting readers become fluent readers all the time.  I am so pleased. 

The valentine party will be Feb 14 at 12:10.  I will need un-iced heart shaped cookies, pink frosting, ice cream cups, squirt whipped cream, and a pink/red drink.  We will also need paper plates, cups, and napkins.  If you would like to provide any of these things send me a note or an email.  There are 23 kids in the room.  I have tons of sprinkles so we will attempt to use those up.

I am including the valentine list here.  I would like your child to address the cards him/herself.  This is good writing practice. If they do a few a night I shouldn't be a huge chore. I will send home a hard copy of this.  It will be small so watch for it.  (I find lots of notes in desks that never make it home) The children are:

Kimball             Ethan              Kandalyn             Derek               Noah

Torren              Jacob               Bailee                  Beau                 Mollie

Jaelynn             Ellianna            Kinsi                   Allyson             Makenzie

Ricky                Raelie               Charlie               Tucker              Skyler

Shaylee            Siearra              Treyson

I'd like for the cards to come in on Monday if possible.  That will give us a day to get them all passed out.  

Remember that Friday is an Early Release Day.

Have a great week.

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