Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 24

This week we are reading a science fiction story called "My Robot". It is by Eve Bunting. The phonics lesson is c sounding like s as in cent. The new vocabulary words are:

  • almost
  • always
  • does
  • even
  • once
  • pretty
  • say
  • sound

In math, we will be finishing up number patterns and starting measurement.  Skip counting is a part of number patterns.  There are still a few who are struggling with counting by 2's and 5's.  Also another thing I have noticed is that 2 or 3 substitute 12 for 20, 13 for 30, etc.  I am not sure why this is happening but it is the second year that it has shown up.

We will be finishing up our Presidents' Day activities and doing some experiments to show what some of the things we drink do to our teeth.

Spelling is moving along.  Your child should be on List 16 this week.  If you have a computer at home your child can take tests at home.  I only ask that you monitor so that your child is doing the work without outside help.  Your child knows his/her username and password. I can check the time of day that each test is taken, how many attempts, how many practice games, and words missed. If I suspect that I am not being treated honestly I will not count any tests taken at home.  

Remember. . .Thursday is AR Day.  Your child must have his/her shirt on to eat in the room.  Those without shirts need to have passed 3 tests in one week.  The testing week runs from Thursday to the next Wednesday.

LET'S DO CLASS T-SHIRTS ON FRIDAY.  It will be Monster Sandwich Day.  No need to send lunch that day.  They have really done well and earned it again very quickly.

Have a great week.

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