Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 26

This week we are reading "Little Bear's Friend." It is a fantasy story where animals talk and take on human qualities. The sound for the week is the long i sound made by the letter y at the end of a word as in why. The new vocabulary words are:
  • again
  • blue
  • high
  • love
  • opened
  • hello
Math moves into the addition facts to 18.  We will be doing doubles, doubles +1, and completing to 10 to find the answer.  Math problem solving and timed tests will continue.

We should be on List 17 in Spelling this week.

This will be a crazy week with 2 early release days.  I will be doing conferences on Tuesday.  I am not meeting with everyone this time.  If you didn't get a note don't worry about it.  If you got one please let me know if you can come.  If you are unable to please call me to schedule an alternative time.

Are their any moms or dads who have an extra hour during the week.  I would really like for everyone to earn an AR shirt this year.  I have a few strugglers that need some help.  If you have any extra time, just drop in and I will give you a child and a computer.  Some just need the reassurance of someone sitting with them.  

We have hit the winter blahs.  Our work and behavior have deteriorated noticeably.  Moving your name no longer matters. . .neither does quality work.  Right now we are on a 'zero tolerance' policy.  The rules are:  whisper, do not talk at the computer, and do not be mean to your classmates.  If you are you have to spend a couple minutes with your nose to the wall (they hate that).  I had to find a consequence that worked.  Our room has really calmed down, work is much better, and it is quiet enough that people can think about their or work or what they are reading.  Plus I don't get a headache!!!  I have a mom that is going to bring in a treat one day this week for those who do not have to go to the wall.  

We are RAPIDLY going through glue sticks.  I bought 200 when school started and you all must have sent at least 100.  I am guessing that there are less than 50 left.  You may need to send a couple more with your child.  

We had a great Dr. Seuss Day on Friday.  Everyone liked the green eggs and ham.  The Oobleck made a horrible mess.  I went to school this morning and scrubbed.  I tried to find the vacuum but I don't know where Bob keeps it. . .better make him some cookies.  My floor looks horrid.  It should come up pretty easily.  It is just cornstarch and water.  The Cat in the Hat even showed up to read to us.

Report cards will come home with your child on Wednesday.  Happy weekend to me!!!

Enjoy your week.

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