Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 27

This is going to be a really busy week.  Good luck to us.  Among all the extra things we will try to do some academics.

This week we will be reading 'Busy Buzzy Bee." It is a non fiction story that will give us lots of information about bees. The phonics focus is long o made by o-e. The new vocabulary words are:
  • another
  • change
  • field
  • touch
  • twelve
  • wait
  • wild
We will be relating addition and subtraction this week in math.  Also continuing with timed test for addition and subtraction.  

Now for the busy part of our week.  This is the calendar:

There is a survey on line at  It will give you a chance to express your feeling about school and the district.  There is also one on the 4 day week inside the school. Please come in and express your feelings.

Our program will be this Friday at 1:30.  Please come and look at these cute kiddos doing their thing.  If you want a good seat, come early.  We will be doing a practice for the school on Thursday at 1:30 if you can't make it on Friday.  

Thanks to all who came for conferences.  I still have a few to catch up with.  If you couldn't come would you please contact me about rescheduling.  I really do need to see you.

I think there are many books out that aren't being returned.  I know that I am retiring but my supply will be passed on to another teacher.  Please check your house to see what yo might find.  I seem to lose more every year.  I'd like to send on a good legacy.

Picture day is on Tuesday.  These are the ones that you don't need to prepay for.  They will be sent home and then if you want them, you can purchase.  

Like I said, I hope we have time for school this week.  There will be expectations but probably lots of whole group work rather than small group.

Somewhere in all this we will try to have some fun with St. Patrick's Day!!!

Have a great week!

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