Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 28

We survived last week.  I thought the kids did an excellent job at the program.  They were well behaved and performed beautifully.  Tina Slade is a jewel and should be congratulated if you see her.  She works very hard with our children.

We will be starting our last book of the year. Can you believe that??? The first story is called "The Story of a Bluebird." It is a fiction story about a little bird who is afraid to fly. The phonics focus for this story is long i made by igh. The new vocabulary words are:
  • afraid
  • flew
  • join
  • learn
  • nothing
  • thought
  • wonder
We will begin the study of money in math.  I use the touch point method to teach money.  The kids will always count by 5's to count money.  It is too hard for them to change from counting by 1's, 5's, 10's and 25's.  They will learn to do that when they are developmentally ready.  They will draw touch points on each coin, except pennies.  A nickel gets one dot, a dime two dots, and a quarter five dots. Then they just count the dots by 5's.  Then all they have to do is count on the pennies by ones.  I did this last year and everyone was successful in counting money in about 20 minutes.  I now think back on all the  years of fighting the counting money issue!!  Why didn't I think of this!  We will do pennies, nickels, and dimes this week.  Please make sure your child can identify these coins.

There will be a public meeting on the possible closure of a school and the 4 day week at 6:00 in the HS Multi Purpose Room.  If you have feelings on these subjects be sure to go and express your opinion.  The thought of closing the Primary School makes my stomach hurt.  Of course, I am the only teacher left that moved into the school when it was brand new and has taught there continuously since.  I love that place.  Guess it might be fitting that I opened it and I closed it!

Many of the kids have kind of gone on a 'brain break'.  My big time readers have become my big time players, etc.  It seems in the last week a few have returned to their old ways.  Hope more of them return to the work mode.

Congratulations to Kimball for being the first one to earn a Sonic card for passing 150 AR tests.  Several are close.  Hope I can give away another one or two before break.  

Have a great week.  Remember that next week is Spring Break (as if your kids would let you forget).  Enjoy yourselves and be safe.

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