Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 19

We are reading the last story in this book. It is a fable called "The Fox and the Stork." A fable is a story that teaches a lesson. The new sound this week is the long o sound made by ow or oa. The new vocabulary words are:

In math, we will be doing time to the hour and 1/2 hour.  If you can work in practice at home that would be great.  To the hour seems to be pretty easy but sometimes the half hour get tricky. . .especially 12:30.  We will continue to take timed tests on addition facts to build automaticity.  

I am in love with the class T-shirts.  I wish I had found that site years ago.  I am thinking we will wear them on the even numbered Fridays and some other special occasions. . .field trips, etc.  This Friday will be one to wear the shirts.  If you have other ideas please let me know.  

It is Monster Sandwich Day on Friday.  Your child will not need a lunch.  I will furnish the food.  It is a fun and special day for all of us.  They have had good behavior so they have earned it.

Reading fluency is still our main objective for the rest of the year. Progress monitoring sessions take place every other Monday to see if we are building speed. Your child will be expected to read 46 WPM by May to reach first grade benchmark.

AR seems to have taken off.  Congratulations to Tucker and Kandalyn for earning shirts.  I am seeing such growth in reading.  Practice does make for better readers.  That is my ultimate goal.  It is nice to see so many chose to stay in from recess to read.  

This is the last letter I am putting in all SMART books.  I should have done this ages ago but haven't.  If you have computer access, I will expect you to check the blog for the weekly news.  It is getting tight on paper so I am going to cut all that I can.  If you really need one on paper and have the internet, let me know.  

Have a great week.  I hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

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