Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 20

Monday is the 100th day of school. We will be doing activities that deal with 100 all day long. It should be a fun day.

We are starting a new reading book this week. It is hard to believe that we are starting book four already. This is only one more left when we finish this one. You will notice a jump in reading level in this book. It seems much harder than the last one and the stories are longer.

The book is called Time Together. Our story this week is "A Bed Full of Cats." The phonics sound is long e, made by e, ea, and ee. The new vocabulary words are:

We will continue working on time to the hour and half hour in math.  Half hour is proving to be a little challenging.

In spelling we will be on list 12.  This will be challenging for some.  I will write in each SMART book what list your child is on. Your child should be able to tell you the list.  I have caught some taking the spelling book to take the test.  Those tests will be ignored if they can not pass the written test I give them.

Another problem seems to be getting any kind of task finished.  I only have a few that regularly do all their work.  I do take morning and afternoon recess if they don't do their work.  I rarely take lunch recess.  Some are starting to have to miss special activities (like the movie we watched Friday afternoon to kick off our Penguin study) because of lack of completed work.  

AR is really moving along.  Congratulations to Torren, Kandalyn, and Shaylee for earning their shirts.  Reading fluency is certainly increasing as they read.  I am requiring that work is finished before they go to the AR boxes.  They are welcome to come in before school to read and test or stay in from recess to do the same.  

Remember that Friday is an Early Release.  We will be discussing the new Core Standards we are moving to.  You might want to google them or look them up at the AZ Department of Education website -  They are moving to a common core that will be standard across the US.  They will be the standards used in Kindergarten and First Grade next year.

Have a great week!

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